Linux Training Resources

These are links to training materials for Linux use and/or system administration. I've tried to only include links that offer on-line courses or study. A few of these are commercial sites. Some of them are less training than others. If you know of another site, or find one of those darn broken links, please let me know. Although most people would think that more "Alan's" would be bad, I've actually intended them to be like stars so more of my little mugs means I liked it better. :  This is where you start. These are the texts of the main Linux documentation body, the LDP. I basically recommend all of them but especially the ones with 'Administrator" in the title. :  Securing a fresh Linux install, part 1: "Most Linux distros provide a wide variety of server applications, and many network-aware apps are enabled by default when you install the operating system. Before you put your new Linux machine online, there are a number of steps you should take to make your network secure. Use these tips every time you perform a fresh install; none of these steps will help to secure a machine that has already been compromised." :  Securing a fresh Linux install, part 2 ... let's look at securing files and monitoring system logs. :  Securing a fresh Linux install, part 3 ... To finish the series we'll look at security considerations for some important networking tools. :  Cool tools for remote administration... Xnest is a way to query a remote machine for an actual login screen, and get a full desktop session on the machine in a neat little window. :  Fedora Core 2: Making it work ... Here's how I got around the distro's deficiencies. :  Getting more out of Vim :  Chrooting Apache ... In this article we will look at how to install the Apache Web server in such an environment. :  Securing Apache ... In this article I will look at how to configure the Apache server environment to protect your Web site. :  Securing MySQL ... MySQL has a simple and effective security mechanism, but administrators must perform a few additional tasks to make a default installation truly secure. :  On a quicj read, this site looks loaded with interesting Unix information :  A well-regarded, on-line CBT course for UNIX administration. Includes a self-test at the end. I like dthis a lot. :  An on-going, free on-line course on basic Linux :  Actually a site that spreads free Linux training materials more than an actual training site. Well, actually it's not clear what they really have ready. They do sell delivery (i.e., they are trainers themselves). :  A pay site offering a series of Linux/UNIX admin courses for about US$1500 :  A free? site offering a series of talks from famous Linux people. Their motto: "the true linux story... directly from the linux experts". :  A pay site offering a pair of classes on UNIX (basics and advanced). However, they put their entire course notes and exercises on-line under an open-content license. :  A pay site offering three classes... I was a little annoyed that they're offering "Linux 6.0" classes". :  A pay site offering a series of Linux/UNIX admin courses. Has a free course as well. :  A page offering free UNIX training materials for the download. :  A free site offering "UNIX by examples". :  A series of open content training session notes. :  Not a training site per se but a useful adjunct to any on-line course. :  Not a training site but contains some tips that a beginner might find helpful. Elsewhere on this site is a good list of training links... look for "learning Linux". :  A primer on the basics of using and administering Linux. :  Another primer on using Linux. :  A nice-looking (frames-based) set of instructional pages for Linux users. :  Extensive course outline for UNIX sys admin available on-line. Also a course on Introduction to UNIX. :  A fairly vanilla-looking course on UNIX sys admin from the University of Washington. :  Course outline/notes andthe final exam for UNIX sys admin class at the University of Maryland Baltimore County :  A basic page, apparently out of maintainence and on a slooow server. Contains basic information at the user level. :  Notes from a system administration course at Kent State :  Although it has some training links, this site is primarily a well sorted list of resources for the sys admin. NOT Linux specific. :  A collection of BYTE magazine columns about running a Linux server.