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LEAF is a project that maintains the firewall product I use. I find it to be a maintanence-free so long as my networking setup does not change. Then, when something changes, I have to remember how to configure it. I started this page to accumulate notes for myself. Some of this is childishly simple.


To forward a TCP port

To forward a TCP port, enter this line in the firewall setup file:

ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L <external IP> <external port> -R <internal IP> <internal port>

The external IP should be a variable, $EXTERN_IP, for DHCP setups that read their external IP from the external interface. Ports defined in /etc/services can use symbolic names (e.g., www instead of 80).

Time syncing

There is information here about the Debian boot process and how to execute a command at boot-up. BusyBox supplies an rdate command, simply: # rdate -s time-a.nist.gov or # rdate -s time-b.nist.gov.

Lack of man pages

The majority of commands are symlinks to BusyBox which is documented here. I have a local copy of this documentation; I snagged it on May 17, 2002 and I believe it covers BusyBox through version 0.60.3. Note that at this time, my copy of Dachstein is using BusyBox v0.60.1. One notable feature added after 0.60.1 is color ls output. Also there was some work on telnet. And a lot more, the details are here

Unreal Tournament

I used to play Unreal tournament with a friend a lot. It is neccessary to poke holes in the firewall for this. There is a nice collection of the commands needed for various applications here. The advice for IP Chains for UT is:

ipmasqadm autofw -A -r udp 7777 7777 -h -v
ipmasqadm autofw -A -r udp 7778 7778 -h -v
ipmasqadm autofw -A -r udp 7779 7779 -h -v
# for the Master Server list:
ipmasqadm autofw -A -r udp 27900 27900 -h -v

I guess you could put this in the boot script but since the router almost never dies or gets rebooted... I just issued them at the command line each time I rebooted.

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